About Knipser

I am Jan Verhoeven. I have been addicted to photography all my life. Until 2006 I predominantly used a Minolta XE-5 analog camera. Until around 2016 I used Olympus compact camera's and end of 2016 I got myself an Olympus OM-D e-M10 Mark II mirroless camera. In 2019 I switched to Nikon DX camera's and never regretted it.

I walk around or ride my bicycles and make pictures of odd things I see. Form and colour oddities draw my attention. I live in Tilburg, Netherlands so a lot of shots are taken in and around this town.


More and more people get uncomfortable when they see someone pointing a DSLR into their general direction. Although they all day walk around making selfies with their smartphones, no matter if I am in their background or not. I try to keep as much (recognisable) people out of my frames, but it is not always possible. According to dutch law I am permitted to make pictures in public spaces such as streets and squares. I may even use these pictures for commercial purposes. The law is quite broad is this respect.

Although I am a great admirer of photographers like Ed van der Elsken and other "people's photographers", these shots are not possible anymore in 2020. We lost a lot of freedom by absorbing all those foreign, nonwestern, cultures. So be it. I cannot change this. Woke-ism has demanded its toll. I could fight it but it is too cumbersome and costs a lot of energy.

Making a living

I decided to put a lot of pictures online. Not for making money because that won't work. I want to share the pictures that I made. I just found these shots somewhere in public. I took them. And now I give them back to society. Anyone may use any of these pictures for your purposes. If you want the bigger prints I ask for a small donation. Webspace is not for free.

I hope you understand

And if you don't understand: well that's bad luck for you. I am not responsible for the entire planet.

Enjoy going through the pictures!

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