My main camera is a Nikon D7100 DX camera. It has a 24 Mp (MegaPixel) DX sized (16 x 24 mm) sensor but I let the camera downsample the images to 13.5 Mp. You never need more than 10 Mp for a good picture so 13 Mp is already a lot of overkill. I have made blowups of A2 size (40 x 60 cm, 16 x 24 inches) and the details are still smaller than the inkjet pixels.


I use the following lenses on my D7100 body:

  1. Nikon AF-P DX VR 18 - 55mm F/4-5.6 zoomlens
  2. Sigma DC HSM 10 - 20mm F/3.5 ultrawide zoomlens
  3. Nikon AF-S DX 35mm F/1.8 standard lens
  4. Nikon AF-S DX 10.5mm F/2.8 fisheye lens
  5. Nikon AF-D FX 85mm F/1.8 tele lens
The lenses are listed in the order that I use them the most. Each picture has an EXIF summary shown in which the focal length of the used lens is shown.


I use a Hewlett Packard Smart tank 559 inkjet printer for printing pictures. When you use the right kind of paper, the results can be stunning. As long as HP keep on making new ink cartridges for your printer, stick to these. HP ink is the only option for printing photo's. For coloured text prints you can also use thirdparty inks. But for photo printing genuine inks are mandatory.
Even with printing-papers my experience is: use BRANDED papers. I have very good experiences with 'HP' Q2510A 200 gr high gloss and 'Epson' S041256 A4 matte 167 gr papers. In the past I used homebranded papers from and some Bruna papers but they were a waste of time and money. In the end, branded papers are cheaper to buy and cheaper to use than 'cheaper' papers recommended by refiller-shops. Keep away from these sellers.

Large prints

I have printed A2 size (40 x 60 cm) prints on my A4 (20 x 30 cm) printer by splitting the image in 4 overlapping prints and then taping these together. This may look like an impossible job but it is just a matter of time and persistence. It's a puzzle. I use double sided adhesive tapes and the results are stunning. Only in the very center of the pictures you can see remnants of the overlappings (in the center, 4 sheets meet).

I can recommend combining smaller prints into a bigger print

It is a fun job and it gives great results.

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